New date of Workshop with Tijana Ilić November 19 and 20!

Tijana Ilić & Đuka Ivanović

The first guest lecturer at the Club of Hairdressing Artists was Đuka Ivanović, who set avant-garde standards on the fashion scene in the former Yugoslavia and Serbia. Djuka's and Tijana's hairstyles adorn magazine covers, can be seen on catwalks, in commercials and music videos. And the seminar of formal hairstyles, which was held on December 18, was a unique opportunity for fellow hairdressers to share their knowledge and skills that they have acquired over decades.

Djuka Ivanović

She started her career more than half a century ago, and in 1976 she was part of a team that won second place at a World competition in Paris. She set the bar for avant-garde on the fashion scene in former Yugoslavia and in Serbia, and is considered to be the most imaginative hairdresser in these parts.

It would take too long to list all the celebrities, actors and music stars, fashion houses and brands, fashion magazines and events which Djuka has enriched with her hairstyles. The conclusion of all her coworkers is the same: there is no other hairdresser in Serbia who is so respected by her colleagues and the world of fashion!

There is no lady on the Serbian music scene who has not worn her creations, and there is no model or fashion photographer who has not worked with her.

She is the winner of several awards for best hairstyle from prestigious fashion events – Belgrade Fashion Week and Serbia Fashion Week.

Djuka is at the close of her professional career. But before she steps off stage, she wants to selflessly share her knowledge with younger colleagues and inspire them to bring their hairstyle ideas to life!

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