New date of Workshop with Tijana Ilić November 19 and 20!

The Association of Hairdresser Artists

Welcome to the address where we nurture artistic approach to hairdressing skill and freedom to use one's work to show a client who they are and a skill, inspiration and creation to enable them to be who they are.

Tijana Ilić perceives the work of a hairdresser as art, an endless field of creativity in which hair and hairstyles are the most beautiful material for innovation.

Guided by her desire, on October 1st, 2020, she launched The Association of Hairdresser Artists with the aim of preserving and promoting hairdressing not only as an artistic activity, but also to raise the awareness of hairdressers about the importance of creating their own professional style, and through the joint action of gathered colleagues and professionals from the world of fashion, music, theater and film.

Their mutual goal is to preserve tradition whilst creating some new trends at the same time.

The mission of the Association is developing the awareness that a hairdresser is an artist who holds the finest sculpting material.

At the same time, the Association is a tribute to the legends of Belgrade salons – to those professionals, artists, masters who brought new trends, techniques, awards from competitions in previous decades, for those who are ready to selflessly share knowledge and experience with younger colleagues.

All forms of classical hairstyling education are respected in the Association. Aside from local masters, the Association's guests included world renowned educators Šeron Blejn from Australia, Aili Puss from Estonia and Thomas Girard from France. Hairdressers from Serbia and the region could only see such masters in large European centers and now, for the first time, in Belgrade too.

The Association continues its mission to bring the world's famous educators to Belgrade and give hairdressers the opportunity to learn about the latest trends through educational programs, exchange ideas, get inspired, but also meet colleagues and artists from the entire region.