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Seminar - Queens of hair styling
Tijana Ilić, Sharon Blain and Aili Puss

The hairstyling queens of Australia, Estonia and Serbia joined forces and, on May 18th at Dorcol Platz, held the hairdresser event of the year organized by The Association of Hairdresser Artists.

At the Hairstyling Seminar, Sharon Blain, Aili Puss and Tijana Ilic demonstrated their talents, creativity and inspiration in front of more than 100 hairdressers. The seminar consisted of two parts – formal hairstyles and avant-garde hairstyles.

In the first part of the seminar, each of the exceptional educators presented two forms of modern formal hairstyles worn by famous models, dressed to match their hair.

Afterwards, Sharon Blain and Aili Puss demonstrated their multi-decade experience in making avant-garde hairstyles, allowing the models to wear true works of art on their heads.

The educators precisely explained each of their motions and ideas, revealing to the attendants all the details relevant to the final appearance of the hairstyle, but they also explained how they can overcome problems which might occur during their work.

The final segment of the seminar was a musical surprise – to the astonishment of everyone present – when our star Zoe Kida appeared on stage and performed her hits live. The music video for her latest song “Sunce” was also shown, exclusively, as Tijana herself was involved in the process of making it.

Everything was accompanied by top notch production so the seminar exceeded the level of a classical hairdresser event and was rather a spectacular fusion of fashion and stage performance.

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