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Haircutting masterclass
Tijana Ilić & Tomas Girard

In February, Tijana Ilic’s Association of Hairdresser Artists organized an exceptionally popular and successful Haircutting Masterclass with French master Thomas Girard, her first foreign lecturer.

Tijana and Thomas joined forces and demonstrated haircutting techniques which enabled the attendants to advance and refresh their work and offer new and modern forms to their clients.

Thomas brought innovative ideas and French haircut trends for the spring/summer season of 2023 and Tijana showed techniques for cutting short hairstyles which make her so recognizable to many hairdressers and clients.

Special guests of the Masterclass included our famous women’s basketball players led by Marina Maljkovic, the head coach of the women’s national basketball team who had her hair cut by Thomas in front of the attendants.

Thomas Girard (France)

Thomas is currently one of the most prominent hairdressers on the Parisian scene, and he has been working in the prestigious salon of Galeries Lafayette for years. His haircutting technique is unique and specific in that he exclusively cuts dry hair. His motto is that there are no rules or limitations in creating hairstyles and that the most important thing is to respect a person’s authenticity and beautify them so they don’t have to tend to their hair every day.

Thomas is the creator of online haircutting. Namely, during the COVID pandemic, he helped people cut their own hair using Zoom. After the pandemic ended, he kept giving advice via his YouTube channel.

Thomas’ teacher is his father Philippe Girard who was one of the closest associates of the legendary Jean Marc Maniatis and, following in their footsteps, he continued to mentor young hairdressers.

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