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Tijana Ilić & Basketball Association of Serbia

Tijana Ilic always gladly participates in socially responsible campaigns so she supported the Serbian women’s national basketball team. “They are Serbia’s pride and I am proud to have been a part of their team if even for a day.“ Tijana stated for various media crews present at the event.

On February 7th and in partnership with The Institute for Women’s Sports and The Basketball Federation of Serbia, Tijana and her French colleague Thomas Girard were part of a big media campaign against stereotypes in women’s sports. 

In the “Ranko Zeravica” sports hall, next to the court, during and after practice, they made a performance out of styling the basketball players. The goal of this performance was to point out that women in sports face numerous stereotypes on a daily basis and that they, like other women, have their habits, preferred treatments and beauty rituals.

The court is reserved for “blood, sweat and tears”, but outside of it, our athletes are the embodiment of elegance, charm and femininity.

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