New date of Workshop with Tijana Ilić November 19 and 20!


Volunteering is the most efficient and most thorough type of education in the hairdressing business. volunteering Through daily work with me, you will gain the knowledge and skills you cannot acquire in typical hairdressing courses. The best way to learn is learning through practice because you encounter different challenges on a daily basis – through standard, but also very demanding hairdressing forms.

My work is not based only on working with clients at the salon. I work in all fields of the hairdressing craft, including areas where a hairstyle transforms into art.

That is why while working with me you will have the opportunity to learn everything - from the simplest to the most demanding forms. I will teach you the basics of each segment of the hairdressing business, after which you will be able to choose your development path very easily.

Volunteering you will acquire knowledge and skills that will enable you to charge well.

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You have the opportunity to learn and develop your talent and ability in a pleasant and supportive environment, side by side with Tijana Ilić.

In order to volunteer, there are a few simple conditions:

  • You need to love working with hair
  • You need to have a strong desire to learn
  • Striving towards finding new sources of inspiration
  • A wish to elevate your personal degree of creativity

While volunteering, you will thoroughly master all the areas of the hairdressing craft – namely:

  • Blow drying
  • Hair coloring
  • Haircut
  • Formal hairstyles
  • Creating a TV person’s visual identity
  • Working on projects – TV commercials, fashion editorials, music videos, movies, TV shows


Volunteering lasts for 4 months and working hours shall be adjusted according to your needs. Your volunteering position will match your skill level and knowledge so you could improve in as fast as possible. I organize free education for volunteers once a week at the salon, and throughout the week, by volunteering, you will implement everything that you have learned during your education in practice with my supervision and assistance. While volunteering, there shall be the possibility of profiting from tips.

When you are done volunteering, depending on your wishes, possibilities and acquired knowledge, you will have the chance to become a part of my team and continue enhancing yourself that way with excellent salary.

Furthermore, every volunteer becomes a member of the Association of Hairdresser Artists. The membership provides you with discounts for all types of educations I organize.

Working with me shall open many doors for you, expand your horizons – I will also help you develop your own style and become an appealing hairdresser. Commitment, constant improvement and originality are the only path towards success!


  • all hairdressing school graduates regardless of their previous experience
  • everyone who starts their career and has the desire and ambition to become a successful hairdresser
  • hairdressers who want to improve their knowledge, but also upgrade in areas in which they have not worked before
  • all those who are thinking about a career change and want to become a hairdresser


My studio is located in a quiet street in the heart of Belgrade, Palmotićeva 18a, and extends over more than 100 m2It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and preparations from renowned global manufacturers.


You can get all the information about volunteering by calling the number +381 63 7780 104


  • Volunteering is NOT for those who think they can become top hairdressers overnight
  • Volunteering is NOT for those who just collect certificates.
  • Volunteering is NOT for those who are not ready to practice a lot and put new skills into practice


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