New date of Workshop with Tijana Ilić November 19 and 20!


If you want to be successful, unique and recognizable, come and let me share my knowledge with you and help you raise your level of knowledge through "1 to 1" educations and improve yourself in all areas of hairdressing so that you have the freedom to create your own style.

After 24 years of work experience and many successful projects, I have still been working on my improvement, since that is the only way to succeed in the hairdressing business. Hairdressing techniques and tools have been constantly being innovated, whilst trends have been changing. Therefore, if you want to be a successful hairdresser, you must discover numerous secrets of the trade, constantly practice and enhance yourself.

I created a program conceived and coordinated with the level of knowledge and the needs of the participants, so that the "1 on 1" education provide the you with excellent results in a very short period time. I will help you overcome everything that has been a problem in your work and skills so far.


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U zavisnosti od oblasti za koju ste zainteresovani preneću vam sva znanja koja možete odmah da primenite i ostvarite brojne benefite. Oblasti koje možemo obraditi na edukaciji “1 na 1 sa Tijanom”

  1. How to successfully advise a client
  2. Determining the hairstyle in relation to the client’s style
  3. The correct choice of product to prepare the hair for a bun – determining the styling product which should be used in accordance with the condition of the hair
  4. Matching the hair color and hairstyle shape
  5. The correct way of blow-drying hair to make any shape
  6. Taping of hair – adjusting taping of hair relative to the desired shape
  7. A sleek shape – making the form’s definition
  8. A casual shape – making a firm but laid back look
  9. The perfect ponytail – preparing the hair for a perfect ponytail
  10. Retro waves – the appropriate way to dry and comb the hair into the classic wave form
  11. Braids – making all kinds of braids
  12. Impeccable smoothing of the form
  13. Determining the styling products to use for the finish
  1. The appropriate choice and usage of haircare products according to the hair type and state
  2. The adequate choice of styling products before and after blow-drying
  3. Preparation – drying hair
  4. The correct way to drying hair to shorten the blow-drying time
  5. Classical blow-drying – hair blow drying onto brushes and making classical forms
  6. Straight blow-drying with rich volume
  7. Waves – making stable waves with a brush
  8. Outward blow-drying with volume so it stays stable
  9. Blow-drying bangs of different shapes relative to growth and shape – all the secrets which may cause troubles while blow-drying bangs, hairline, volume and the rest
  1. Basic theory of hair coloring – correct hair coloring relative to natural pigments
  2. The correct use of blanche
  3. Neutralizing unwanted tones
  4. Coloring grey hair – making a color mix to achieve 100% coverage of grey hairs
  5. Balayage technique – the easiest way of applying balayage; reducing the application time; neutralizing unwanted tones
  1. Basics of geometric haircut – determining the geometric division relative to the shape you want to achieve
  2. Square haircut – achieving perfect precision and practicing techniques which give the best result
  3. Layered haircut – determining the shape of the layered haircut and matching it to the natural growth and shape of hair
  4. Cutting bangs in accordance with the hair growth so the client could easily maintain them
  5. Determining the haircut shape in relation to the hair’s nature so the client could easily maintain it at home


  • The number of days and rhythm of education is defined in accordance with the needs of participants
  • The dates and times of the education are arranged according to the individual requirements of the participants
  • It is possible to schedule a one-day education lasting 8 hours or a multi-day one, depending on the area in which the student wants to improve.
  • During the training, models, all tools and the highest quality professional preparations are provided, while the participant should only bring their own tools
  • Lunch and refreshment are provided during the break

What do you get?

  • Education includes theoretical and practical "1 to 1" teaching with the possibility of unlimited volunteering in the salon
  • Each participant shall be provided with the most modern tools and the highest quality professional products for practical work
  • Practical classes shall be conducted on real models and mannequins – the student is allowed to get their own customer or model
  • My full day's attention and 100% commitment
  • Having completed the education, free online consultations shall be available

Who can apply?

  • Experienced hairdressers who want to improve their skills can apply, as the content of the classes is adapted to the level of knowledge and skill of the participants.
  • The prerequisite is that you have a strong desire to learn, you strive to find new sources of inspiration, you want to raise your personal level of creativity, both for your own satisfaction at work and for the satisfaction of your clients and employees.
  • This is a perfect opportunity for everyone who believes that constant improvement and the desire for new knowledge is the only way to success and longevity.
  • If you are already engaged in this business, at the "1 to 1" training you will complete your previous knowledge, improve the skills you have and acquire new ones, all with the aim of providing a better service.
  • "1 to 1" training is especially recommended for salon owners who want their employees to achieve high standards. Only a motivated craftsman/artist/manager can encourage their employees to be permanently educated, which brings mutual benefits

Location and space

My studio is located on a quiet street in the heart of Belgrade, Palmotićeva 18a, and covers more than 100 m2It is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and preparations from renowned global manufacturers.



You can get all the pieces of information about the price of the education by calling: +381637780104

Who is the education intended for?

Who is the education not intended for?

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