New date of Workshop with Tijana Ilić November 19 and 20!

Formal hairstyles workshop
Sharon Blain & Aili Puss

On May 16th and 17th, The Association of Hairdresser Artists organized a formal hairstyle workshop by one of the best educators in the world – SHARON BLAIN who, within her final world tour, visited Belgrade for the first time.

Sharon Blain, along with Aili Puss, held a two-day formal hairstyle workshop at the Holiday Inn hotel. Sharon is one of the most highly acclaimed educators among hairdressers worldwide so her workshop in Belgrade was also attended by hairdressers from Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Bulgaria.

Honoring the professional standards which a seminar led by a leading world expert demands, The Association of Hairdresser Artists went above and beyond to ensure that Sharon herself was amazed by the organization, the space and the working conditions, seeing as she has worked in some of the most prestigious settings during more than 55 years of her professional career.

The experience and knowledge which Sharon shared with the attendants is something which, according to them, they had never experienced before and which had inspired them to keep doing their jobs with even more creativity and dedication.

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Sharon Blain (Australia)

Sharon Blain from Australia is a hairstyling world icon and one of the most highly acclaimed educators when it comes to formal and avant-garde hairstyles.

She is a legend in the global beauty industry and famous hairdressers come to her for advice when they need to prepare the world’s movie and music stars for the red carpet.

There isn’t a hairdresser on the planet with more than 55 years of experience and more than 500 awards from across the globe. She has outdone them all, teaching and inspiring tens of thousands of hairdressers the world over and, for the first time, in Serbia too.

This year she’s finishing her professional career and exiting the global stage in style by organizing a final tour across five continents.

The Formal Hairstyle Workshop and Seminar organized by Tijana Ilić’s Association of Hairdresser Artists were the last chance for hairdressers from Serbia and the region to see Sharon Blain demonstrate her hairstyling genius in person.

Aili Puss (Estonia)

Aili Pus Aili Puss from Estonia is the student and heiress of the famous Sharon, and her braid creations are out of this world.

For 20 years she has worked with hair with great passion and she has been passing this passion on to the Hair Art Academy students in Talin for years. Her artistic hairdressing workshops are very popular in Estonia, Lithuania, Belgium, Los Angeles, Montreal and Las Vegas. For the past three years, she has been accompanying Sharon Blain on her global tours as her chief assistant.

She is an artist and educator for the world-famous hair brand GHD and for other hair product brands from Estonia, Poland, Germany, Lithuania and Latvia.

She has participated in and won awards at many international competitions where she demonstrated a wide range of stunning wedding hairdos, red carpet looks, celebrity hairstyles, all the way to the extreme but beautiful avant-garde forms.

Her innovative approach to hairstyling inspires, motivates and boosts the confidence of all her students.