New date of Workshop with Tijana Ilić November 19 and 20!


Tijana Ilic started her professional career back in 1999. at a leading Serbian hairdressing academy, where her love and passion for this profession started.

Through her achievements, Tijana Ilić has received the following awards:

2019 – Hairdresser of the Year Serbia
2021 – Gold Winner Color Artist - NTVA Wella Professionals
2022 – Educator and international judge

She continued her professional development at some prestigious international seminars in London - "Salon International", Barcelona and Madrid - "Universidad de la Imagen", won awards and attracted attention of the world's biggest hairdressing experts with her hairstyles. Earlier, she worked in renowned salons in Belgrade. Currently, she has been working in her own studio.


During her 25-year long career, she worked on numerous advertising, television and film projects for both domestic and foreign markets. Collaborating with the leading fashion magazines Elle, Grazia, Esquire, ICON, Lepota i zdravlje, she is a part of "Belgrade Fashion Week" every year.


Searching for fresh inspiration, faithful clients – loyal to her art – visit Tijana’s studio. She uses her inexhaustible talent to design hairstyles, change one's image and style public figures and celebrities.

Tijana Ilic
"I am convinced that satisfaction in work creates perfection in work."
Tijana Ilic

She leaves her hairstyling signature on numerous fashion editorials, magazine covers, commercials, music and video sets. Tijana designs and realizes hairstyles not only for television presenters, singers, actors, businesswomen, but also for those young women who want to be authentic. 

She was hired to create a visual identity in many film, theater and television projects, both for contemporary themes and those set in the previous eras. 

She has been constantly looking for new sources of inspiration. When she imagines a hairstyle, like an artist, she thinks about its realization for days, not shying away from using atypical materials, old techniques, learning new ones, asking for advice from more experienced colleagues.